Luxury Marketing on the Left Coast

March 30, 2010
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Tweet Be impressed. A lot of trends start on the west coast and eventually find there way to the good Old North State where I live, but you have to wonder about this one. Why? We’ll discuss that in a moment but first take a couple of minutes to view this video in full screen […]

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Pricing a Listing

February 1, 2010
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Tweet Surfing through the waters of real estate marketing advice you encounter a lot of hype. Some of the stuff is downright comical.  As I’ve argued many times on this and my other sites, most of it is about agents marketing themselves and not about marketing their listings. Last week I came across this video […]

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A Dirty Little Secret…

August 18, 2009
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Tweet Suhh…don’t tell anybody else…but most agents have never learned to market homes. “What!” you say, “But that’s what they get paid for!” When I talk about things like this, especially to people in the industry, I get these blank stares that say “What the hell is he talking about…we’ve been selling homes for decades.” […]

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